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Finding Money: This Is What Makes Teleios Different 

What if you were to lose more dollars over your lifetime than you could accumulate and grow, even if market conditions were ideal? In our experience, most people (including those who are financially prudent) will UNKNOWINGLY lose 15% - 20% of their annual cash flow throughout life. The concept of Finding Money is the foundation of our entire process. This approach can enhance your current lifestyle while reducing the required return (lower risk) needed to meet future goals.  

Wealth Transfers: Don't Fill a Bucket With Holes

Would you try to fill a bucket that had holes in the bottom? Of course not! However, this is what most people are doing when it comes to their finances....and they don't even know the holes exist! In our experience, most people are losing 15-20% of their annual income unknowingly. Think of how finding this money could impact your present lifestyle and future savings opportunities. 

Opportunity Cost: Impact On Your Future 

Even more important than finding the dollars you are losing (plugging the holes in your bucket), is what those dollars would be worth in the future had they been invested. The potential growth on these dollars is what we refer to as Opportunity Cost. This idea alone may have the greatest impact on your future wealth than all other areas of finance! 

This is BIG! You Finance Everything You Buy!

Now you understand Wealth Transfers and Opportunity Cost. We believe the ideas expressed within this video are the most significant. In our experience, most families, businesses, and ministries will lose more dollars in this area than all others. You Finance Everything You Buy! This means you either "pay" interest (borrowing money) or "lose" interest (paying cash). There is no right or simply need to know the most efficient choice based on each unique situation.    

Secrets of The Wealthy: Be a Wealth Creator

Again, you Finance Everything Your Buy! Paying Cash is not always better than may be better or worse. Borrowing to fund a Major Capital Purchase (or to fund an investment) is also not ideal because debt is not a good thing. What if there was a third funding strategy that allowed your cash to continue compounding and did not require you to go into debt? The strategy expressed in this short video can be used by anyone no matter where they are on the income spectrum. We would be happy to show you how.  

How Much Could We Find For You?

See What We Can Find For You

See What We Can Find For You

There are seven major areas we find even the most financially astute are not always aware of. What if we could put 15%, 20%, or more of your annual cash flow back in your pocket to save, spend, invest, or do what you want with?

Finding money today (annual cash flow) and avoiding transfers in the future (wealth transfers) is the core of our planning process. Schedule your online or in-person meeting now to see what we can find for you.  

7 Major Areas of Wealth Transfers

  • The funding strategy you use to fund Major Capital Purchases (i.e. cars, weddings)
  • How you buy your home(s) and the mortgage strategy you choose
  • How you fund retirement accounts and the tax impact in the future
  • Taxes you do not have to pay that no one is telling you about (including most CPAs)
  • How you pay for your children's (or grandchildren's) college education
  • Social Security: How to get it tax-free while maintaining your lifestyle
  • Sequence Risk: The amount you can safely take from retirement accounts without running out of money early. What if we could give your retirement income a 20% annual raise without any additional market risk? This is a strategy, not a financial product or investment you can buy. 

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