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Start Planning Your Tomorrow

Step 1: Stop Making Decisions in a Vacuum

We often discover a person’s current plan involves a host of bank accounts, insurance policies, legal documents, employee benefits, savings & investment vehicles, and debt instruments most of which were decided upon independent of the others. This compartmentalized way of managing money is what we mean by making decisions in a vacuum. The inefficiencies this approach often creates can be significant. The name "Teleios" was chosen based on our convictions to help you within this key area.

Step 2: Find Money You Are Unknowingly Losing

When financial decisions are made in a vacuum, “we often discover $4 is being spent to accomplish 4 goals that $1 could have accomplished”. In our experience, most people are unknowingly losing the equivalent of around 15% of their annual income. Just think of the impact if we could find an additional 15% of annual cash flow to save, spend, or direct to opportunities. This concept of Finding Money is the foundation of our entire Planning Process.

Step 3: Build a Personalized Plan

Our planning process identifies key factors that are used to build a personal strategy based on accomplishing your unique goals. We go far beyond investment management by partnering with your family, business, or ministry so we can understand your dreams, desires, and ideas that are most important to you. Our planning system visually presents all of your financial information on a simple interactive screen.

You Will Discover...

  • Is there more cash each month than we realize?
  • If I am laid off / my business fails, how do I protect my income?
  • What is the best way to pay for my children’s (or grandchildren’s) education costs?
  • Will I have enough money to retire when I want to? / Will it last if I am retired?
  • Should my qualified assets (401(K), IRA) be converted to Roth assets?
  • Am I paying more in taxes than I have to?
  • Is it better to lease, pay cash, or finance my automobiles?
  • What is the best way to reduce high interest credit card debt?
  • How quickly should I and what is the best way to pay off my house?
  • How do I ensure I will never be a financial burden to my children?
  • What is the optimal age and time to turn on social security payments?
  • Should we buy a second / retirement home now or wait?
  • What is the best way to transfer Legacy Assets to future generations?
  • How can I be charitable with my estate and still provide for heirs?
  • ...and more based on your unique situation

Ready to Start?

It starts with scheduling a Discovery Meeting where we will help you determine what questions you should be asking and explain exactly what we do and how we can help. We are happy to host this meeting at our offices or online via a webinar. Complete the form below or call us at 321-213-3000 option 2 to get started.

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