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Personal Economics 

Chances are that you have not been exposed to many of the concepts expressed in this section. We have taught financial professionals these ideas to share with their own clients for decades. We have seen these concepts preserve and grow wealth more than any investment plan or financial product you can buy. There is nothing to buy and anyone can deploy these strategies to obtain the benefits. 

Family Income Planning 

Ever try to follow a monthly budget only to have it fail? Do you earn too much income where conventional budgeting makes no sense but you still want help? Income planning is supposed to free you not cause bondage and stress!   

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Major Capital Purchases

Major Capital Purchases (MCP) are any expense that exceed your monthly capacity to fund. i.e. cars, weddings, college, etc There is a more efficient funding strategy for MCP's than borrowing or paying cash. 

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Mortgage Choices 

Most families will funnel more of their income through the mortgages they own than all other accounts combined. The lender is not going to tell you where all of the leaks will happen throughout your life.

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Truth About Qualified Plans 

401k's, IRA's, and similar accounts are the number one source of retirement contributions. Most people do now know what these "government" sanctioned accounts do or how they will impact one's retirement taxation, social security taxation, legacy, and other areas. 

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Private Reserve Strategy 

This strategy has been used by the wealthy for centuries but don't expect the banks and other institutions to tell you about it. Banks use this strategy daily to maximize profits. However, you can begin to think and act like a bank while your capital grows.  

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Funding College 

Paying for college is one of the largest expenses most families will face. The potential for mistakes and wealth transfers are equally as significant. This "short course" is designed to help you make better choices.

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