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This Is What We Do

This is not a job for us. This is our calling and we are passionate about what we do. We believe that prudent advice can only be offered through a comprehensive framework. This includes a process of meetings, dreaming, collaboration, and a written plan that maintains your desired standard of living from now until life expectancy. The below tiles showcase the core areas of our planning process. Our individual services are listed near the bottom of this page.

Finding Money

Most people will unknowingly lose more dollars than they accumulate in all savings and investment accounts combined! By recapturing these dollars, current lifestyle & savings often increase while the the risk required to meet future goals is greatly reduced. 

Lifestyle Planning

You have dreams and desires. You should not feel guilty by enjoying the fruits of your labor. Enjoying current lifestyle desires does not have to conflict with future lifestyle objectives. This is why we love what we do. Lets make your dreams happen.  

Retirement Income

We begin by answering the 4 toughest financial questions which only takes about 10 minutes. The answers can bring rest by knowing where you are and how to get to where you want to go. We are glad to provide the answers even if you do not work with us.  


Life often brings storms that risk destroying the very plans you have made. These may include job loss, illness, lawsuits, disability, early death, etc. We believe that protecting you from these influences should be the the first priority in any work that we do.     

Investment Management

Investing is ownership. You partner with other companies to share in the profits. We will help you to understand what you own and find companies that you would be proud to own. We offer fee-only, prudent, long-term investment management because it works. 

Tax Planning 

The "Tax Train" is coming. We believe that managing future tax risk is more important than market risk if you earn over $500K. We have the experience and resources to design a strategy that minimizes or even avoids the "Tax Train" completely.   

Individual Services Catalog

Fee-Only Investments

Biblically Responsible Investments 

Individual Stocks & Bonds*

Government Securities & Muni Bonds*

Mutual Funds, ETF's, MLP's

Commercial Real Estate Funds*

Alternative Investments*

Private Placement & Accredited Investments **

Fee-Only Variable Annuities*

* Account minimums may apply
** Accredited investors only

Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Retirement Income Planning

Personal Pension Plans 

Advanced Portfolio & Investment Plans

Advanced Tax Planning 

College Expense Planning

Estate Planning 


Disability Income Insurance

Low Cost Term Life Insurance

Investment Grade Cash Value Life Insurance 

Asset-Based Long-Term-Care Insurance

Group Disability, Life, and Health*

*Provided in partnership with Harbor Financial Group

We would be glad to talk more about what we can do for you.

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