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Who is Teleios Financial Partners

We are an independent, fee-based planning firm that offers a full array of investment, insurance, and comprehensive financial planning services. Fee-based means we do not earn commissions on the investment products we may suggest. We believe this business model allows us to be more objective over advisors who have a financial incentive to sell specific investments along with the advice they offer.

As an independent firm, we aren’t influenced by what financial products to offer or what companies to work with. We have carefully vetted and chosen who we believe are best in breed investment, insurance, custodial, technology, and reporting services. Our clients are often pleasantly surprised at the value they receive in working with us over the big-name institutions they were familiar with.

Our team is local and grew up along the space coast. When you work with us, you are supporting your local community along with a Kingdom business instead of a national institution that may not share your values.

Our Mission:

To empower individuals, families, ministries, and businesses with the information required to make better financial decisions. To share the biblical purpose of wealth and how to apply those principles within today’s modern economic systems.

Our Vision:

To see our community financially sustainable so we can work together in service while advancing God’s kingdom. To see ministries thriving with the resources needed to operate without restricting the service of God’s blessings within the local community. To see our communities transformed and thriving according to the biblical model of reconciliation and discipleship.

teleios: mature from going through the necessary stages to reach the end-goal. Developed into a consummating completion by fulfilling the necessary process...especially the completeness of Christian character.

The Purpose of Wealth:

But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he swore unto thy fathers, as it is this day. - Deuteronomy 8:18

Wealth offers Freedom to do what we really want to do by removing the constraints or limitations within our lives. It is Dangerous to have Freedom without knowing the Purpose of that Freedom. The Biblical Purpose of Wealth is to Serve and Worship the Lord according to our gifts and calling that He places within our lives.

For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love. - Galatians 5:1

Strategic Partnerships

Inspire Advisors LLC: 

Inspire Advisors LLC, is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm headquartered in Meridian ID. Unlike many of the large Wall Street firms with a  "profit at any cost" mindset, Inspire has Kingdom first mindset. Inspire works hard to ensure we invest in companies that are both "good investments" while also helping to make sure profits are not being derived from activities you might be ashamed of. Learn more by visiting

Charles Schwab:

Charles Schwab is our preferred custodian and clearing firm. A custodian is a financial institution that has certain regulatory responsibilities for an investor’s securities. Investments that you entrust for us to manage, are placed in custody at Charles Schwab, one of the largest clearing providers in the world. A clearing firm is an organization that, among other things, handles the execution, clearance, and settlement of investment transactions. When you’re selecting your financial professional, considering whom they use to custody your investments can be critical. Charles Schwab offers us direct access to trade accounts with industry-leading execution (almost instant) while many well-known custodians impose a 12 - 24 hour (or longer) delay in some cases.

General Agency & Independent Insurance Brokerage

Teleios Financial Partners LLC is a General Agency. A General Agency operates as an insurance wholesaler with the authority to accept and place applications from and appoint independent agents on behalf of an insurance carrier(s). We provide training, field underwriting, and full administrative services on behalf of the insurers we represent. This allows us to offer an exceptional experience for our clients by providing full service.

We are independent brokers and have access to a variety of carriers. This allows us to shop around to find the best underwriting for your case along with the most cost-effective products within the industry. More importantly, our founding partners have worked deep inside of the insurance industry for decades. This gives us a competitive advantage with underwriting and placing difficult cases. If you have any health issues or other special needs like short-term business coverage, we can often find coverage and competitive rates that others do not even know are possible. 

Some of The Insurance Carriers We Represent (in alpha order): Columbus Life, Guardian, Mass Mutual, One America, Principal, Western & Southern Group of Companies, and others upon request. 

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