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Family Cash Flow Planning Course

Ever feel cash flow management (AKA budgeting) is something you need help with, however, most guidance assumes you are not responsible or should not enjoy your lifestyle? We get it! You have worked hard for your money and you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Our version assumes you are responsible and strives to bring freedom so you can enjoy your present lifestyle without worrying about your future lifestyle. The videos below are designed to help you master this area. We recommend you watch these videos in order from left > right going down starting from the top.

Wealth & Income Potential

Lifestyle Regulator

Get Control of Your Cash

Opportunity Cost

Practical Application 

The video's below are intended as a how-to on better managing your monthly cash flow. The first video offers a solution to the monthly budget we hope brings freedom. The second video discusses the problem with electronic payment methods which has nothing to do with debt (which is another problem). 

Monthly Budget Plan

Why Cash is Still King

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