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Comprehensive Planning 

Swing vs. Club 

Swing vs. Club 

There is a lot more to reaching your financial goals than just contributing to a 401(k) and investing some money in the market. This narrow way of thinking is not much different than just rolling the dice which carries significant risk.

There are only 2 fundamental ways any financial professional can help you; The first is to find better products (club) that potentially pay higher returns, often requiring more risk. The second, is to help you become more efficient (swing) by avoiding unnecessary losses. We believe there is more opportunity to serve our clients by helping them to avoid the losses rather than by increasing risk. Our entire planning process is based on "finding money" (swing) that you may be losing today and in the future.  

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Planning Simplified: Position A 

Planning Simplified: Position A 

To accomplish financial success, there are many areas that may need to be planned for such as retirement income, college funding, investments and risk management, tax planning, life insurance, business succession, and others. If you are like most of our clients, you know these areas deserve attention, however, life is so busy that it can be hard to even consider the basics. 

We find that all of these areas and the goals one has can be combined into a core objective we refer to as Position A. Being "in" Position A means that you will be able to "to maintain your standard of living from now until life expectancy, without running out of money".  We work to make sure you are in and will maintain Position A so you can enjoy your current standard of living without worrying about the future.

Position A means you will be able to maintain your standard of living from now until life expectancy without running out or money.

Are You In Position A?

Each person must consider they will have 2 lifestyles. Current lifestyle is the standard of living you enjoy today. Future lifestyle is the standard of living you will be able to enjoy after you stop working without running out of money. This short video helps to illustrate what we mean by having 2 lifestyles.  

There are 4 questions that tell where you are in relationship to Position A. We believe everyone should have the answers to these questions. We will provide a report with the answers during our first meeting.

We find the best way to define the value in planning is by providing a list of the questions we will answer during the process...

4 Questions That Determine Position A: 

  1. What rate of return do I have to earn so I can retire at my current standard of living, adjusted for inflation, and have my money last through life expectancy?

  2. How much money should I be saving each year so I can retire at my current standard of living, adjusted for inflation, and have my money last through life expectancy?

  3. How long will I have to work (when can I retire?) and know that my money will last through life expectancy?

  4. How much will I be able to spend each year during retirement without running out of money early? 

Our Planning Process Will Answer...

  • Is there more cash each month than we realize?

  • Am I paying more in taxes than I have to?

  • What is the best way to pay for my children’s (or grandchildren’s) education costs?

  • Will I have enough money to retire when I want to? / Will it last if I am retired? (i.e. the 4 questions)

  • Should my qualified assets (401(K), IRA) be converted to Roth assets?

  • Is it better to lease, pay cash, or finance my automobiles?

  • What is the best way to reduce high interest credit card debt?

  • How quickly should I and what is the best way to pay off my house?

  • How do I ensure I will never be a financial burden to my children?

  • If I am laid off / my business fails, how do I protect my income?

  • What is the optimal age and time to turn on social security payments?

  • Should we buy a second / retirement home now or wait?

  • What is the best way to transfer Legacy Assets to future generations?

  • How can I be charitable with my estate and still provide for heirs?

  • …and more based on your unique situation

Additional Planning Topics We May Cover

Topics update each time you refresh the page.

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