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Our Philosophy

If you have had any previous experience with a financial advisor, chances are the conversation revolved around how much money you have, where it’s located, we can do a better job, etc. It seems that most investment firms share the same singular focus of trying to find better products that earn a higher rate of return, often requiring more risk. Earning higher returns is certainly not a bad thing, and something we can help you with as well, however, we do not believe this singular focus is prudent in obtaining your goals or maximizing wealth potential.

There are only two fundamental ways any financial professional can help you; The first is to find better products that potentially pay higher returns, often requiring more risk. The second is to help you become more efficient by avoiding unnecessary losses. We believe there is more opportunity to serve our clients by helping them to avoid losses rather than by seeking higher returns.

We believe there is more opportunity to serve our clients by helping them to avoid losses rather than by seeking higher returns.

There Are 3 Types of Money to Consider

The money required to accomplish your goals, must somehow come from one of the following three areas:

Accumulated Money represents your savings and investment dollars. If you only focus on this area to accomplish your goals, than seeking higher investment returns, often requiring more risk, is the only choice.   

Lifestyle Money represents the dollars required to maintain your present standard of living. While most people want to plan for their future, reducing your standard of living so you can save more is not a popular option. The next area often allows future goals to be met without having to reduce your standard of living or the need to take on more risk. 

Transferred Money represents dollars that are being lost (or will be lost) unknowingly and unnecessarily. In our experience, people will lose more dollars in these areas than they will accumulate in their lifelong savings and investment accounts combined! For those saving towards retirement, this approach can reduce the risk needed to accomplish your goals. For those retired, this approach could increase spending power while helping to preserve the assets you have accumulated.

This concept of Finding Money is the cornerstone of our entire process. Before we ever suggest a financial product or investment option, we will carefully analyze your situation to expose and help to eliminate these areas of wealth leakage.

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